if it's not alaska silk, it's not really a silk pie!
It's that time of year.....fall and pumpkins

Welcome to our Bakery!

3429 Airport Way S Suite 13 A, Seattle, WA, 98134
2nd Floor...follow the pink floor to the pink door
Stop by and See us...we have several 
Yummy desserts you can come in and take home.
These are desserts you won't find at any of our grocery stores in the PNW

(206) 381-8494

Mon- Thurs. 9am-4pm

Closed Sat., Sun., and "ALL" Major Holidays

Where you can find our desserts!

WA., OR., AK., CA., UT., & DC
PCC Natural Markets
Kens Market in Greenwood
Neiman Marcus and Horchow National
Ma Boulange..Federal Way & Bellevue
Some Metropolitan Markets
New Seasons Markets

Bristol Farms....CA
Gelson's Markets....CA
Major Hotels, Restaurants, & Convention Centers
and SO many more, too many to mention

We thank each and every customer for their loyal business!


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