don't let knowledge become your barrier...just because someone said that's not the way to do it
go for it!!!

From Alaska's dancing Aurora nights and the "land of the midnight sun" to the dazzling lights of Seattle's Emerald City, we present to you only the finest, decadent, chocolate desserts available!

After a failed partnership of Anchorage, Alaska's first ever wine bar, Phyllis Buzzini started Alaska Silk Pie Company with a $500 unemployment check. Her daughters Erin and Angie were in junior high and her eldest daughter Bridgette was a sophomore in high school. Phyllis rented time in her friend's restaurant from 6 PM until 6 AM Monday through Saturday every week for over a year to launch what we now know as the Alaska Silk Pie Company™.

The three sisters recall coming home after school and having to roll out pie crust as soon as their homework had been finished and on occasion even before the homework was started if there was a large order that needed to be completed. The girls also remember having to fill baskets with desserts to sell at ball games and various events that took place around Anchorage and on what is called the "Park Strip". The Taste of Anchorage was one of those events....and let me tell this day all three of them still talk about how much they disliked having to go out and sell desserts in PUBLIC where you might run into your friends; although when you talk with their friends they thought it was quite cool and wanted to join in...they loved being able to eat the chocolate!

                Our Mission

A passion for sustainable locally grown ingredients that are ethically delivered through high quality creative desserts and service to "YOU" our valued customers; while committing to always exceed your expectations with innovation, efficiency, and flexibility. 

Even my GG Tristan helps


My granddaughter Ciera in the cookie jarOh no...I was caught in the cookie jar

My GG Kenzie helping in the kitchenHelping zinni in the kitchen

Phyllis would leave for the night to make desserts until 6 AM the next morning.She would return home, wake the girls for school take a quick nap, and be back at the deli by 11:00 to sell her desserts to the lunch crowd. She would sell the desserts she had made the night before to make enough money to buy that evenings inventory.

When we recently asked her how she did it day after day as a single mom she told us, "Quite frankly, I really don't know exactly how I did it thinking back now. I did it because that was what needed to be done at the time. I had three little girls to feed and take care of. You just don't think about the how because you already know the why!"  

Phyllis tells us she would drive what she called disposable cars because she could never afford to spend more than $150 at any one given time on a car. When the car died she simply disposed of it and found another. She said that she used to actually park one of them in the bakery to keep it warm enough to start during the cold winter months in Anchorage so she could use it to make was a '75 Opel...LOL

Selling her desserts at the deli counter made it lucrative enough after one year to move into her own bakery, support her family and start today what we now know as Alaska Silk Pie Company.

Sunday's were always family day because that was the way Phyllis had grown up. The girls could invite any for their friends over for the traditional family dinner of pasta with Phyllis' grandmother's marinara sauce, Phyllis' by now famous Ceasar salad, garlic cheese bread and of course the latest and greatest new Alaska Silk Pie for dessert!

Everyone at the table had to try it and critic it before the evenings end. Once the girls and their friends gave it the thumbs up it was placed in the Silk Pie line up. Phyllis tells me that there were some thumbs down too...hard to believe these days.  Phyllis says that she has always respected the opinions of her daughters and tells me that still today they are her best critics along with her now grown grand children.

She has often told us that if you don't have money then you had better surround yourself with people who do what you do not know how to do. You had also better have a tenacious will to succeed. She is best know for a quote that she often uses; "when you don't have knowledge as a barrier there is nothing you can't achieve, because no one has ever told you it won't work"! I think she has proven that over time....welcome to Alaska Silk Pie Company's your turn to savor the flavor of Alaska Silk Pie Company
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